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Letter From the Founder

Family law involves the issues that are nearest and dearest to us. The emotions involved in resolving disputes with your ex can lead to lasting acrimony that can be damaging to your children, your finances and your relationships.

Unfortunately, the traditional model of family law services tends to create a situation in which your interests and the interests of your lawyer are not aligned. The simple fact is, the only people who benefit from drawn-out legal conflicts are the attorneys. At The Mathews Group, LC, in Leawood, Kansas, we take a different approach.

We've developed a unique business model within the legal community, providing quality legal representation with a focus on communication and resolution, while maintaining a strict FLAT-FEE structure. Simply set up a consultation in our office (or over the phone, if that is more convenient for you) and by the end of our conversation, you'll know exactly what your legal representation is going to cost. There is no cost to you for the initial consultation. We provide legal services in family law, as well as bankruptcy, estate law, probate and white collar criminal defense.

Now, every case is unique, and every client has a different level of need. Sometimes there are pressing matters that must be dealt with quickly and vigorously. Because of our flat-fee model, the attorneys and legal staff assigned to your case don't have to second-guess their representation of you, or constantly call and ask for additional retainers, before providing the level of legal service that your situation requires and deserves.

By utilizing a full team on every case, we've developed a model of legal representation that allows our clients to be involved and aware throughout the process. One of the most common complaints about attorneys is that they don't return phone calls. The unfortunate fact is that at the very moment you need your lawyer, he or she may be in court, trying a case, or meeting with clients and judges in a case management conference. That's why every client works closely with our client services manager, who will assist and guide you.

Your client services manager will be intimately acquainted with every aspect of your case and will be able to provide fast answers and assistance whenever required. Additionally, in the unlikely event that an emergency situation arises while your attorney is unavailable, the client services manager has the power to redirect resources and people within the firm to see that any situation that arises is handled appropriately.

This is not a "discount" law firm, with substandard representation and lackluster results. We achieve our affordable pricing through an efficient and dedicated staff with the tools and resources available to assist you when you need it.

The Mathews Group, LC is unique for now, but we believe that our model of representation will become the new standard of legal representation in the future. It is a client-driven model, where fast and appropriate resolutions are the rule, rather than the exception.

We urge you to contact us and set up a no-cost consultation to see what makes us different and to see how we can help make this process as simple and comfortable for you as possible.

If you have questions or concerns before coming in, please call and ask to speak with me directly.

Call us today at 913-660-0664 or complete our simple contact form to arrange a no-cost consultation to discuss your options. We serve clients throughout the Kansas City metro area in Kansas and Missouri.

Thank you

Joshua T. Mathews, J.D., LLM
Missouri and Kansas Attorney

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