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At The Mathews Group, LC, our lawyers are dedicated to the idea that divorce does not have to be drawn out, contentious or expensive. Schedule a consultation online with a Mathews Group attorney to discuss your case.

Flat-Fee Divorce Services

Divorce and child custody are perhaps the most important - and the most emotionally trying - legal issues that a person can face. Unfortunately, the traditional model of legal services tends to create opposing incentives for the attorneys and the clients. When charging on an hourly basis, the fact is that an attorney benefits financially when a case becomes highly adversarial and contentious. We believe that most attorneys respect their duties and their ethical responsibilities to their clients and handle cases in the most direct and beneficial way possible. Unfortunately, clients often don't feel that way.

We are unique in the Kansas City area in offering flat-fee divorce services. Because we do not have a financial incentive to allow your case to drag on indefinitely, we will work to resolve your issues efficiently and help your family to heal. This does not mean that we will avoid going to trial if that is necessary to protect your interests. We actually prepare for trial starting the first day. We find that by being prepared for trial, we can often reach a favorable settlement outside of divorce court.

When you retain our legal services, you won't feel that you are forced to accept a bad settlement simply because you can't afford to pay the hourly attorney fees involved in going to trial. It's important to keep in mind that lawyers and courts don't end marriages. By the time you contact a divorce lawyer, there is a very good chance that your marriage is already over. Your lawyer's job is simply to protect your legal rights and to modify your status with the state.

Resolving the Legal Issues of Your Divorce

Grounds for ending a marriage are generally that at least one party asserts that the marriage is over or that the parties simply aren't compatible. There are no secret formulas and no hurdles you need to jump over. Our job as your attorneys is simply to protect your legal rights during the process.

What makes your divorce case unique are the people involved. It is the emotional history, the family connections and the closing of a chapter in multiple lives. But the legal issues are easily defined. The statutes in Missouri and Kansas provide a framework for how each individual element of a case should be handled and guide us on the appropriate resolution of disputes.

Don't ever let an attorney scare you into thinking that you "have to file first" or that if the other side hired a "bulldog" attorney, you have to react in kind. You don't. If you are honest and sincere in your desires and have realistic expectations for how your family should move forward, there is no reason why you should fall into any traps or why your family should suffer any unnecessary consequences. Family law matters are difficult, but they are not unmanageable. Our lawyers are here to help you navigate the process and let your family heal.

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