Stepparent, relative and second-parent adoptions are increasingly common in situations where a biological parent is not in the picture. In these cases, adoption often gives legal standing to a parent-child relationship that already exists.

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Stepparent and Relative Adoptions in Kansas and Missouri

Before a stepparent or relative can adopt a child, the rights of the child's biological parent (or parents in the case of a relative adoption) must first be terminated. This can be done voluntarily or involuntarily, but is appropriate only when the biological parent or parents are no longer a part of the child's life.

Adoption of a stepchild, grandchild or other relative is a big step. As the adoptive parent, you will have the same rights as a biological parent when it comes to your child's education, medical care and other important decisions. Adoption also comes with financial responsibility. If you and your spouse should divorce in the future, you would be required to pay child support.

Second-Parent Adoptions in Kansas

Second-parent adoptions provide a way for same-sex couples to adopt. For example, a woman may give birth to a child, while her lesbian partner adopts the child as the second parent.

Kansas allows second-parent adoptions while Missouri does not. It's not unusual for same-sex couples in Missouri to move to Kansas so they can adopt a child.

Overland Park Stepparent Adoption Attorney

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